Red Acre Center

Red Acre Center for Food and Agriculture was officially announced and incorporated late summer 2016!*
This organization is a voice in Utah for small agriculture and those who desire to be able to eat the food of their choice.

We at Red Acre Center are passionate about what we are doing and what the future holds: policy change, advocacy, education for students, on-farm interns, and of course, the Utah Farm Conference. 

In our quest to  know the true cost of food production, to farm and eat in the best and most responsible  

way,  we collaborate with others, offer on-farm opportunities, educate food citizens, and search for, experiment with, teach and use the best viable farming practises to steward the land that provides our food.


At Red Acre Center, we work  at a grass roots level to inspire individuals, engage leaders and the public in driving choices that are the most beneficial for not only us but the next generation.

We strive to  promote and protect rural Utah and the ability to start and sustain small farms that can sell direct to consumer. We believe by feeding ourselves and our neighbors first the world will be fed !   

*501(c)(3) nonprofit status pending