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We Build Community Where the Conversation Can Happen.

In 2019 Red Acre Center introduced Utah Farmer Guilds, recognizing the value and need for farmers to connect locally and frequently. 

What is a Farmer Guild?

Guilds are agricultural communities founded by farmers for farmers who come together to share skills, resources, knowledge, socialize, network, build lasting relationships, and stay informed on current local food and agriculture policies.

The Farmers Guilds are a casual yet powerful social network alliance often hard to find in rural areas and the urban farming community, with an ultimate goal to attract and help farmers of all experience levels be more successful.

How do I sign up?

Any level member of Red Acre Center is welcome to sign up and be a member of a Guild after they have attended at least one Guild meeting. 

Sign up for a Guild in your geographical area but feel free to attend other guilds. Guild hopping is not only acceptable but encouraged.

Whether you are a seasoned farmer with years of growing under your belt or are a new and upcoming farm, homesteader, artisan producer, chef, or food business, you have something to offer and gain by belonging to a RAC Guild.




When do Farmer Guilds meet?

Guilds meet *four times a year (once a season) and are involved in tours, workshops, service, and advocacy. 

We are currently sponsoring 2 Farmer Guilds: North and South. We do our best to make Guilds accessible to all farmers, ranchers, and other producers throughout the state, but with only two guilds it is a difficult feat. We would love to see an expansion of Guilds dotting the state, but that is not possible without driven community members who are willing to help lead Guilds!


Interested in leading a RAC sponsored Guild in your County? We would love to have you. Please call or text 435-704-1222 or email for details

 Guild Gatherings

During the growing season, it's hard to get off the farm and connect with your peers. We encourage Red Acre Center Members to bring a friend. However, if you are not yet a member of Red Acre Center, we ask that you only visit once with a member and then join the Center if you want to return to a Guild gathering.


SPRING: Farm Tour, potluck & legislative update


Utah South Farmers Guild

Saturday March 25th, 4pm-7pm @ Cherith Brook Farms in Beryl, UT


Click here for South Guild RSVP, potluck signup and event address

Utah North Farmers Guild
Saturday April 22nd, 4pm-7pm @ Wasatch Community Gardens in SLC, UT

Click here for North guild RSVP, potluck signup and event address


 Give Service—new perspective. Sometimes the best thing to do when you can not do one more thing is to help someone else. Organize serving another farm or farmer. Donate food or volunteer. Red Acre Center does at least one fundraiser volunteer to help in some way.

FALL: Harvest Season potluck

Utah North Farmers Guild



Utah South Farmers Guild





Attend the Utah Farm Conference: arrange carpools, housing, volunteer, and or go to the Farmer Guild Mixer. And or attend the Utah legislative session with Guild members at a Center-specific event: Day On The Hill, Politics & Pastries or ..



Utah South

Farmers Guild Leaders

Laine and Porter Lamping

(385) 275-2396


Utah North

Farmers Guild Leaders

Mariana and Chris Bills


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