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Day on the Hill

Join us in sharing the message with Utah Legislators that our food matters, that a local food movement is happening, and that small and local farms and farmers are essential! 


Wednesday, January 31

Red Acre Center For Food and Agriculture

"Day On The Hill"


The event is free, but you must RSVP


Depending on how much time one wants to spend on The Hill Wednesday? 

If time is limited, we suggest noon to 2:15 PM.

Lunch is at approximately noon, and a meeting after. 


11:00 AM to 12:15 PM

We highly encourage you to check out floor time:

The House of Representatives and the Senate are both in session.

Floor Time takes place in the main building, "The Capitol " ( the one with the dome) House and Senate. You go up to either gallery and sit and watch bills be voted on. They are on the same floor, so spend some time in both the House and the Senate. 



NOON ish It could be as early as 11:50 or as late as 12:30

Rotunda Lunch with Legislators and information tables from the local food movement. 

When floor time ends, the Representatives and Senators will come for lunch in the Rotunda. This is in the main building, "The Capitol " ( the one with the dome). 

Lunch is locally sourced and prepared by Chef Shon Foster of Sego, and you are welcome to join us. The event is free, but you need to RSVP to attend. 


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM 

Olmsted Room First Floor Senate Building

Legislative update. Brief presentations and invited legislators to speak about local food and agriculture.

We would love you to attend this meeting.



We know from experience that a bit of preparation before coming makes for the most successful experience and helps advocate for small farmers, ranchers, and artisan producers.


If you plan on coming, PLEASE find out who your state representative and senator are by clicking here. Text and email them. Tell them you are their constituent and will be at lunch in the Rotunda after floor time on Wednesday, January 31, with Red Acre Center. Tell them you would like to meet them or say hi if you have already met them.


Interested in setting up an information table to share what local is about? If you are an urban or small farmer or rancher selling directly to consumers, a local artisan, or an organization and want to participate by setting up a display table for legislators to see, visit, and know what is happening in the local food movement please email, Text, or call 435-704-1222 by midnight, Sunday, January 28. 

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