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The ruling ideas of our present economy implicate acceptable violence against the land and the people. We, on the contrary, must think of reverence, humility, affection, familiarity, neighborliness, cooperation, thrift, appropriateness, local loyalty. These terms return us to the best of our heritage. They bring us home. 

-Wendell Berry

Get off the beaten path, take a side road. When you support our members, you not only support local communities you also support the Center!


Shop at a Utah Rancher, Market, Farm Stand, Bakery...

Are you a Center member? Be sure to check the Marketplace page and see who on this map is offering a discount to our members. 



Abigail's Oven

Audrey & Paul Chernoch

Bar C Ranch and Farm

Blaine Nay

 Dr. Bonnie Feola, Chef 

(Nibbles and Sprouts)

Brickhouse Growers

Campbellot Bakery

Charles Evan

Chef Adam Cold

Chef Ted 

Chris Pyper

Representative Christine Watkins

Clifford Family Farm

Firehouse Ranch

Georgina Griffith-Yates

(Wasatch Community Gardens)

Heather Griffiths

Heather Peeters

Heritage Family Gardens

James Loomis

Jane Wylie

Maple Bloom Flower Farm

Matt & Marilyn Wood

Maureen Hersh

Max Nelson

Paul Cozzens

(Iron County Commisioner)

Pete Kennedy

Robert Oldham

Sarah Ashworth

Sarah Lowe

Sego Lily Flower Farm 

Shirley Steinmacher

Stacey Taggart

Stephanie Zammarelli

Summit Community Gardens

Tanner Lenart

(Alcohol Attorney, Christensen & Jensen PC)

Ted & Sue Recupero

The Pizza Wagon

TK Kern

Together We Bloom

(Ogden Flower Farm)

Tony Richards

(Soil Health Program Manager UDAF)

Wildflower Bokays Flower Farm


Amanda Theobold

Angela Patino

Angela & Craig Powell

Angela Patino

Ben Balk

(Web Regen Ag)

Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch

B.U.G Farms CSA

Casperville Creations

Dolores Scheuerman

Elizabeth Paxson

Gwen Crist

Jackson Pastures - Ben's Hens

Jasmine Hailstone

Jennifer Corrington

Kevin Roberts

Liana Bishop

Little House Farm

Liz Hartshorn

(Web Regen Ag)

Madsnacks Produce

Mariana Last

Ogden Eden Farms

Paula Milby


Rachel Woodbury

Richards Farm 

(The Dam Stand)

Ronald Murphy

Shanon Brooks

Spendlove Bread

Sweet Pea Farm and Orchard

The Green Urban Lunchbox

Utah Meat Collective 


Al the Punk Rock Farmer

American Frontier Co

Angelic Organics

Bob Quinn

(Big Sandy, Montana)


Carlyn and Brandon Thompson

Cherith Brook Farm

Debra Ley

Dee Atkin

Emily Satterthwaite

Erin OBrien

Etta Place Cider

Evan Vickers

Page Westover

R Scott Phillips

Roberto Bronner

Snuck Farm

Stephanie Taylor

The Pizza Cart

Todd & Julie Kiser

(Consecrated Foods Inc)

Tyler Melling

(Cedar City Council)


Carter Wilkey 

(Fathom Realty)

Chandler Rosenburg

(Utah Food Coalition)

Chef Ryan Nelson

Dancing Moose Farm

Dan Dailey

Hurricane Utah Farmers Market

Kari Larson

Mayor Mollie & Sam Halterman 

Modern Farm and Artisan Coop

Redmond Agriculture

Red Mountain Integrative Medicine & Pain Center

Staheli Family Farm

Zion Mountain Ranch

4 Season

Andrew Scott and Shelby Heitman

Carling Farms, LLC

Carol Bolsover

Chef Shon Foster

Chris Argyle

(Argyle Acres Utah)

Dale Batty

Deena Ortiz

Frog Bench Farms, LLC

Jim Hall

Jo Lewandowski

Joseph Toscano

Lara Jones

(KRCL RadioACTive)

Laurie Seron

Local Chow

Marc Roberts

McVay Family

Miriam Eriksson

(The Biohacking Family)

Nell Ward

Old Home Place

Quail Hallow Farm

Steven Siglin

Sunny Side Up Pastures

The Kinlands

Utah Natural Meat

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